I love pumpkin. I really, really love it. Last year near the end of winter, Lindi and I were talking about how it's harder to find pumpkin on the shelves at the grocery store during the summer. I panicked, and promptly went and ordered a flat of 24 cans of pumpkin puree from Amazon so we would have enough to tide us over. Well... although we do bake with pumpkin all year, apparently we only bake LOTS of stuff with it during the fall and winter, so we're still using up the entire shelf of pumpkin we have in our pantry.

But! It's fall again, and we've baked lots of pumpkin-y things lately. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, baked pumpkin oatmeal. Mm. I love pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie, certainly, but it's fun to see what else we can make with pumpkin. Here are a few ideas:

Pumpkin praline trifle from Bakers Royale

Pumpkin scones from The Shoebox Kitchen

Pumpkin spice ice cream from Lawfully Wedded Wife

Bite-sized pumpkin funnel cakes (seriously!) from Dine & Dish

Pumpkin granola from Burning Down the House

Pumpkin cornbread from Tasty Kitchen Blog
Oops... now I want to make it ALL! Do you like pumpkin? If so, what are your favorite pumpkin recipes? 


  1. Ahhhh - thanks for the feature. What a delicious and gorgeous roundup of goodies!

  2. Hi Helen, thanks for the feature. I love the pumpkin roundup! They are really inspiring! :D

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