A while ago we bought a packet of glass magnifying lenses with some silver spoon bails to match, and we set about making a bunch of some of my favorite necklaces EVER. We started out playing with photos, old sheet music and pretty papers, and then we happened upon a vintage atlas at the used bookstore here in town that was literally falling apart and used some of the maps to make necklaces. I love it! We used resin to seal the map fragments onto the glass, and I think they turned out so well.

Here are a few of the ones we made:

Washington and London glass lens necklaces

Houston, Portland and Boston glass lens necklaces


  1. GREAT idea...and just in time for Christmas prep! Thanks loads!

    Deborah (happily visiting from http://upcyclingmylife.blogspot.com)

    {Would love for you to drop by!}


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